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About us

Car artisans for 20 years

Officine Gentile is an established reality that has been operating for over 20 years in the automotive world in Italy and around the world. We started about 5 years ago to imagine the car as the vehicle of the future, converting to electric, sustainability and Green. Born from a collective idea, Officine Gentile brings together a large number of professionals and artisans of the automobile, who for years have been carrying out this profession with passion and attention to details.

The Italian tradition all over the world

Il retrofit, ovvero la conversione di un auto in elettrica, ci ha portato a lavorare in tutto il mondo, esportiamo le nostre automobili elettriche in Giappone, Stati uniti, Francia, Svizzera, Germania e in molte altre nazioni.
Trasformare un auto a benzina, diesel o con un qualsiasi motore a scoppio in elettrica è una procedura complessa, richiede una grande tecnica e grandi conoscenze elettroniche.
Da anni ci occupiamo anche di Restauro di auto d’epoca in Piemonte, Lombardia e Valle d’Aosta, siamo un officina di restauro con molti partner e aziende dedicate.

Always our mission

For each of us cars mean passion and beauty, we have always worked with the care and dedication typical of the Italian tradition for the Automotive sector. Passionate since childhood, we are always in constant training to learn the latest technologies in the field of electric cars, restoration of vintage cars and traditional mechanical workshop. We are constantly growing and we look at the environment with great care and respect, that’s why we decided to dedicate ourselves also to electric cars.

Our partners

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